18 Tracks
18 Tracks

 Growin´ Up
Seaside Bar Song
Hearts Of Stone
Where The Bands Are
Loose Ends
I Wanna Be With You
Born In The U.S.A.
My Love Will Not Let You Down
Lion’s Den
Pink Cadillac
Janey Don’t You Loose Heart
Sad Eyes
Part Man, Part Monkey
Trouble River
Brothers Under The Bridge
The Fever
The Promise

Preformed by: 
Roy Bittan, Clarence Clemons, Mario Cruz, Danny Federici, Michael Fischer, Omar Hakim, Randy Jackson, La Bamba, Nils Lofgren, Vincent Lopez, Gary Mallabar, Ed Manion, Mark Pender, Jeff Porcaro, Marty Rifkin, David Sancious, Mike Spengler, Bruce Springsteen, Garry Tallent, Soozie Tyrell, Steve Van Zant and Max Weinberg.
Recorded at: CBS Studios, 914 Sound Recording New York, The Record Plant, The Power Station, Thrill Hill Recording, The Hit Factory and Soundworks West.
Recorded by: Phil Giambalvo, Louis Lehav, Toby Scott, Neil Dorfsman, Mike Batlan and Jimmy Iovine.
Mixed by: Phil Giambalvo, Ed Thacker, Bob Clearmountian, Toby Scott and Thom Panuzio.
Produced by: Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau, Chuck Plotkin, Mike Appel, Steve Van Zant, Roy Bittan, Jim Cretecos and John Hammond.

My rating on this album is: 4.
"Tracks" is better.
The best songs are:
1: Janey Don’t You Loose Heart
2: The Promise
3: Rendezvous

Released in the US: April  13th 1999.

Some information: This record is not as good as ”Tracks”. Some of the songs are missing such as “Man At The Top", "This Hard Land" and "Living On The Edge Of The World". Bruce decided to make  "18 Tracks" (probably because "Tracks" didn’t sell that good). Some People say it was just to sell more records but I think it was that some people didn’t by ”Tracks” because of the prize.

"You got your book baby with all your fears (Janey, Don't You Lose Heart)", "I had a dream our love would last forever (Rendezvous)"