Born To Run
Born To Run

Thunder Road
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Born To Run
She’s The One
Meeting Across The River

Preformed by: Wayne Andre, Mike Appel, Michael Becker, Randy Becker, Roy Bittan, Ernest Carter, Clarence Clemons, Danny Federici, Dave Sanborn, David Sancious, Bruce Springsteen, Gary Tallent, Steve Van Zant and Max Weinberg.
Recorded at:  Studio 914, Blauvelt, New York and The Record Plant, New York.
Recorded and mixed by: Louis Lahav and Jimmy Iovine.
Produced by: Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau and Mike Appel.
My rating on this album is: 5.
Top rating on one of the best albums in the history.
The best songs are:
1: Born To Run
2: Thunder Road
3: Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Released in the US:
 August 25th 1975.

Some information: CBS demanded that the 24 old Bruce should sell more records. He went in the studio back in 1974 and recorded “Born To Run”. And he had a new drummer. The song was sent to different radio stations but weren’t played that often. It wasn’t released on single or record. Jon Landau went in and started to produce and the recording session was moved to “Record Plant”. “Born To Run” was recorded in August 1975 and the rest from March to July 1975. During that time Bruce toured. Tori Amos did a wonderful version of “Thunder Road”. Bruce made a guest appearance on Melissa Etheridge’s MTV Unplugged on “Thunder Road”. Suzi Quatro made a great version of “Born To Run”. "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" ”Born To Run and  Thunder Road" were played on all shows during the 1999-2000 Reunion Tour. In ”Thunder Road" there is a girls name and it changes during the recording. "Born To Run" was preformed acoustic during the "Tunnel Of Love Express Tour" and "Thunder Road" during 1992-1993 tour.

"Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run (Born To Run)", "And I'm pulling out here to win (Thunder Road)"