The Ghost Of Tom Joad
The Ghost Of Tom Joad

The Ghost Of Tom Joad
Straight Time
Highway 29
Sinaloa Cowboys
The Line
Balboa Park
Dry Lightning
The New Timer
Across The Border
Galveston Bay
My Best Was Never Good Enough

Preformed by:
Danny Federici, Jim Hanson, Lisa Lowell, Gary Mallabar, Chuck Plotkin, Marty Rifkin, Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen, Garry Tallent and Soozie Tyrell.
Recorded at: Thrill Hill Recording.
Recorded and mixed by: Toby Scott
Produced by: Bruce Springsteen and Chuck Plotkin.
My rating on this album is: 3.
It’s a dark record.
The best songs are:
1: Youngstown
2: My Best Was Never Good Enough.
3: Across The Border.

Released in the US:  November  21st 1995.

Some info: The record was released in the autumn 1995. The fans (me included) wanted a tour with the E Street Band after “Greatest Hits” but Bruce went on tour himself and the tour lasted over 2 years. He played in North America, Europe (both East and West), Asia and Australia. Youngstown was played on 1999-2000 Reunion Tour but with a different arrangement than on the record. On The Ghost Of Tom Joad Tour Bruce played in small halls. In Sweden it was Cirkus in Stockholm that were honoured. Bootleg Circus Night.

"That helped the Union win the war (Youngstown)", "The highway is alive tonight (The Ghost Of Tom Joad)"