Live In Dublin – Bruce Springsteen With The Sessions Band

Live In Dublin – Bruce Springsteen With The Sessions Band

Atlantic City

Old Dan Tucker

Eyes On The Prize

Jesse James

Further On (Up The Road)

O Mary Don’t You Weep

Erie Canal

If I Should Fall Behind

My Oklahoma Home

Highway Patrolman

Mrs. McGrath

How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?

Jacob’s Ladder

Long Time Comin’

Open All Night

Pay Me My Money Down

Growin’ Up

When The Saints Go Marching In

This Little Light Of Mine

American Land

Blinded By The Light (Bonus Track)

Love Of The Common People (Bonus Track)

We Shall Overcome (Bonus Track)

Performed by: San Bardfeld, Art Baron, Frank Bruno, Jeremy Chatzky, Larry Eagle, Clark Gayton, Curtis King Jr, Greg Liszt, Lisa Lowell, Ed Manion, Cindy Mizelle, Curt Ramm, Marty Rifkin, Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen, Marc Anthony Thomson and Soozie Tyrell.

Recorded at The Point, Dublin, Ireland.

Recorded by: John Cooper.

Mixed by: Mix This!.

My rating on this album is: 5.

The best songs are:

1: American Land.

2: Pay Me My Money Down.

3: My Oklahoma Home
Released in the US: 5th June 2007.


Some info. This album is recorded during the three show that Bruce played in Dublin on 17-19th November 2006. The old songs like “Growin’ Up”, “Atlantic City” and “Long Time Comin’” are just great but I like the new songs as well.


"I thought I heard the captain say"(Pay Me My Money Down), "What is this land America so many travel there" (American Land)