Atlantic City
Mansion On The Hill
Johnny 99
Highway Patrolman
State Troopers
Used Cars
Open All Night
My Father’s House
Reason To Believe

Preformed by:
Bruce Springsteen.
Recorded by: Mike Batlin.
Recorded at: Bruce Springsteen’s home in New Jersey.
Produced by: Bruce Springsteen.
My rating on this album is: 3
The best songs are:
1: Mansion On The Hill
2: Reason To Believe
3: Johnny 99
Released in the US:
September  20th 1982.

Some info: Bruce recorded this album at his home and the songs were sent to CBS as demo tapes. But he decided to release them as they were. Some of the songs were played live and songs that are really good are “Reason To Believe”, Highway Patrolman” and “Mansion On The Hill”.

"Me and my sister we'd hide out in the tall corn fields (Mansion On The Hill)", "Well I guess everything dies baby that's a fact (Atlantic City)"