Mary Queen Of Arkansas
It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
Growin´ Up
Bishop Danced
Santa Ana
Seaside Bar Song
Zero And Blind Terry
Linda Let Me Be The One
Give The Girl A Kiss
Bring On The Night
So Young And In Love
Hearts Of Stone
Don’t Look Back
Restless Nights
A Good Man Is So Hard To Find (Pittsburgh)
Where The Bands Are
Loose Ends
Living On The Edge Of The World
Wages Of Sin
Take ´Em As They Come
Be True
Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own
I Wanna Be With You
Mary Lou
Stolen Car
Born In The U.S.A.
Johnny Bye Bye
Shut Out The Light
My Love Will Not Let You Down
This Hard Land
TV Movie
Stand On It
Lion’s Den
Car Wash
Rockaway The Days
Brothers Under The Bridges (´83)
Man At The Top
Pink Cadillac
Two For The Road
Janey Don’t You Loose Heart
When You Need Me
The Wish
The Honeymooners
Lucky Man
Leavin´ Train
Seven Angels
Gave It A Name
Sad Eyes
My Lover Man
Over The Rice
When The Lights Go Out
Loose Change
Trouble In Paradise
Part Man, Part Monkey
Goin´ Cali
Back In Your Arms
Brothers Under The Bridge

Preformed by:
Roy Bittan, Clarence Clemons, Mario Cruz, Danny Federici, Michael Fischer, Bob Glaub, Omar Hakim, Randy Jackson, La Bamba, Nils Lofgren, Vincent Lopez, Garry Mallabar, Ed Manion, Ian McLagen, Frank Pagano, Shawn Pelton, Mark Pender, Jeff Porcaro, Marty Rifkin, David Sancious, Mike Spengler, Bruce Springsteen, Garry Tallent, Soozie Tyrell, Steve Van Zant, Jerry Vivino and Max Weinberg.
Recorded at: CBS Studios, Max’s Kansas City, 914 Sound Recording, The Record Plant, The Power Station, Thrill Hill Recording, The Hit Factory, Ocean Way Studios, Soundworks West and A&M Studios.
Recorded by: Phil Giambalvo, Louis Lahav, Jimmy Iovine, Toby Scott, Mike Batlan and Neil Dorfsman.
Mixed by: Phil Giambalvo, Thom Panunzio, Ed Thacker, Bob Clearmountian, Chuck Plotkin and Jimmy Iovine.
Produced by: Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau, Chuck Plotkin, Steve Van Zant, Roy Bittan, Mike Appel, Jim Cretecos and John Hammond.
My rating on this album is: 5.
The best songs are:
1: Man At The Top
2: Janey Don’t You Loose Heart
3: Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own

Released in the US: November  10th 1998.

Some info: When Bruce was considered for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame he released this album. He released this album. For getting into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame it had to be 25 years since you released your first album. A jury picks out the once who came in. Bruce came in at the same time as for example Paul McCartney. On the first song you can hear John Hammond talk in the beginning. The recording is a test if Bruce is the one for CBS. The box is in four parts. On the first part are songs like ”Growin’ Up” and ”Rendezvous”. In part two are good songs like “Ricky”, “I Wanna Be You” and Stolen Car”. From the third record are good songs like “Man At The Top”, “Janey”, “TV Movie” and “Two For The Road”. From the fourth record are songs like “Back In Your Arms”, “Sad Eyes” and “Part Man, Part Monkey”. There are many B-Sides on this box. Songs like “Roulette”, “Be True”, “Johnny Bye Bye”, “Shut Out The Light”, “Stand On It”, “Pink Cadillac”, “Two For The Road”, “Janey", "Lucky Man" and "Part Man, Part Monkey". Songs that are missing are for example "Held Up With Out A Gun" (b-side on "Hungry Heart") and "The Big Payback" (b-side on "Open All Night"). "Man At The Top" war played two times on the tour 1984-1985 and then it was acoustic. "Loose Ends", "I Wanna Be With You", "My Love Will Not Let You Down" and "Stand On It" were played many times on the Reunion Tour. This version of "This Hard Land" is not as good as the one on Greatest Hits.

"Here comes a kid with a guitar in his hand (Man At The Top)", "It's one for the money and one for the show (Two For The Road)"